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When its time to wakey wakey Kelly knows exactly how to get Ryan up  a few tugs on his cock and its go time!
Kelly is always ready to fuck but an afternoon delight makes things seem way more naughty!
The sun and the Miami style of life has inspired this photo set theres nothing better than releasing my big tits for you all to see
Kelly loves to be all dressed up in sexy lingerie she also loves to play with herself so here in the halls she plunges her toy deep in her pussy
And all that jizzz means I cant get enough of it when I take out my huge tits I need jizz to go with them
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Usually washing machines are to make things clean but when Kelly is involved things can get dirty pretty quick
All of these hard tools and grittiness of the rough country make me feel like a soft woman who needs to be tended to
Does your car need repair No does your cock Well bring it into my body shop We fix all sorts of things in here I have lots of tools to do the job Just the other day I was working on this big truck when I realized how I could use this lovely wrench
The St Regis in Monarch Bay California is quite possibly the most regal place that I have ever stayed The view as you can see was simply marvelous I could see the ocean the golf course and the lovely grounds of the hotel from my balcony
Any of you ever read Maxim Magazine For those of you that dont they always have the most unique look with the pictures Well we decided we would do the Maxim look with this set It was fun I think we took things a little farther
I am dripping wet laying on my bed thinking of a big hard cock inside me Please dont tease me Give it to me now Please! Please! I need you I am soaking wet I am sweating my pussy is dripping and I cant wait any longer
Here I am all stranded here on the side of the road Whats a girl to do My car broke down and theres nothing around for miles Just me and a dirt road and a wet pussy Along comes this big green truck A young guy with a friendly looking
Its a long ride home from Vegas Whats a girl to do We were coming home from Vegas and I told my boyfriend to pull over so I can suck his cock The passing cars were honking and turning there high beams on People were yelling from their
Whilst in the office a certain air of sultry swept over me and Kelly decided that this was a perfect time for a big tit phone affair
I like to hit the gym to get pumped and hard its not surprising that I like to get pumped and hard in another way too!
I love Spring Time with everything blossoming and all the pretty colors I cant help myself but have to unfurl my beautiful petals as well
Miss Madison goes Hollywood! Yep a little girl like me in a big town like Hollywood yeah right! I like living near the glamour and hype of Hollywood I only live about an hour away so it didnt take Gucci LaMour and me very long to get to hills
Ive got lots of Kelly for you Even though these titties have never been full of milk yet I can still drench myself with some lovely cream These large full breasts are lusting for your touch Do have lots of cream for me
Welcome to my garden party You are all invited Its my end of Summer Celebration Dont let the neighbors see though Im practically naked running around in the garden I dont know if they would appreciate it much
I do love to suck cock It is my favorite thing to do I love to grab a big dick and wrap my lips around it I dont have any gag reflex so I can take it in deep and long Just look for yourself I like to first put on something really sexy
This gallery is different from 1 Its from the same update but we changed the template and used different photosmovie clips
The only sexier outfit than bare skin is something skin tight my latex suit is the perfect way to get me in the mood
I love playing dress up  but what happens when we take all characteristics out of something you get a white out Only one way to know where the cock is
Some people may think of blue as a description of feeling down but for me its a seductive color and it puts me in a very sexy mood
Well do you You know how much wine relaxes me and makes me horny I feel so warm and easy right now I am so glad that you could join me tonight I only have one question for you how can I sit across from you at the table and not want to touch myself
Rise and shine sweetheart The sun has come up and I hope you have too I have awoken so horny today Oh baby put your big arms around me and kiss my neck and chest Pull my nighty down over my shoulders Caress my bare shoulders and slide your hand
A little 70s inspiration goes into this outfit Im ready to Rock N Roll all over this balcony with you I will do anything you want just let me keep the hat on Its a cold autumn day but Ill take off my fuzzy coat if you promise
This gallery is different from 1 Its from the same update but we changed the template and used different photosmovie clips
Here I am patrolling the waters of Fort Lauderdale Watch out I might have to rescue you Ill jump on my boat and speed my way into your heart! I must admit for a California girl I sure did fall in love with Florida Especially where I stayed
Its a new year and I like to start off by stripping down that way I can start fresh again
As the temperature rises the clothes come off this heat wave has me all wet
Come watch me through the window I have on an elegant and very tight black dress but I promise you I wont be wearing it for long The plunging neckline should be enough to tease you with while I slither out of the long black skirt
I went to do some my grocery shopping yesterday I love going to the store on Sunday and checking out the people and the fresh fruits and vegetables I noticed this one nice looking young box boy He was watching me as I walked in
So do you want to know what I did yesterday Here Ill show you I have some delightful behind the scenes photos of my photo shoot with the infamous Ed Fox  Ed got the most beautiful and delicious young model for me and Lana Lotts to have our
This is an opera of the most sensual kind This concubine wants to make you oh so very happy but shes all alone She is so horny and needs a man between her legs so desperately Her only job is to make men happy She is here to serve and pleasure
Im so glad that you could get away today I have arranged for a private interlude with you this afternoon No one can interrupt us today I have sent all the servants home and I have turned off all of the phones Pour us a glass of champagne and
Ah this is the life being out here on a beautiful sun deck in Fort Lauderdale as the huge boats go by I could spend all my days doing this I really enjoyed the fact that the neighbors were watching me I thought I would give them a little bit more
I thought it was innocent enough I mean he was just a friend and it was just dinner How did I know that he would look so good in that suit and that the wine with dinner was going to be so strong He walked me to my door I thanked him for a lovely
This gallery is different from 1 Its from the same update but we changed the template and used different photosmovie clips
Thank you so much Dinner was delicious I am so glad you have come back to my badroom with me I call it my badroom because thats what it is Its where I get so bad and nasty I just cant control myself in here
I worked so long and hard on this project My supervisor John was overseeing my work the entire time I think he was working harder at staring at my tits than he was making sure I was meeting my deadline I could feel his eyes burning into my skin
This one of my lovely Brides Maids Her name is Alexis She has been a dear friend of mine for years I have to admit my wedding party was the sexiest on the planet I had gorgeous girls sexy guys and the best part was that we were all horny
Here I am off to learn how to play golf the right way Ive been goofing around with the game for a few years but never took it seriously I went and stayed a four star golf resort to throw myself into the game I didnt realize that I would
Happy New Year from the Staff of KellyMadisoncom  Ring in the New Year with me Kelly Madison and the rest of the crew here at 413 Productions I love to celebrate and theres no better time then now 2003 has been an outstanding year
Bend over say ahh and let me take your temperature Yeah something like that Maybe not in that order but you get the idea Do you need a little tender loving care Do you need me to wrap my long legs around you and bounce my titties in your face
What happens when you get two horny brunettes in lace on a bed together This is what happens! Cynthia Pendragon and I got all nasty together Her big titties and round ass got my blood flowing and my tongue wagging I was wagging that tongue on her
Do believe it!!! Yes thats me with the famous porn star Gina Lynn! She is so fucking hot She makes my pussy melt in her mouth not in her hands Seriously Gina was like making out with a sex goddess She is so pretty and that body of hers
I am sassy I think Im pretty sassy in this here pink seethrough top Well maybe more titty than sassy but it was a good attempt! I had to take some shots here with this green covered wall I would love to have a backyard just like this one
Hey Big Daddy whats ya doing Are you just sitting in that chair wating for us to come over and tease you Well alright you asked for it Jennifer is going to flaunt her sexy little ass and tease you with her titties You wanna touch her
Ryan always seems to have the luck with the ladies These girls are standing in line just to give him a blow job and boy did Roxanne do a great job It started with a little tit play and eventually hands and mouths were headed down south
Since Im usually the aggressor it was nice to sit back and be taken advantage of Ryan decided to turn the tables and bring the girl home to me My panties were so wet I think I showed him how excited I really was Makayla turned out to be the
Check out this house! Dont I look like it should be mine  No seriously I fell in love with this dream home I didnt want to leave I wanted to walk around all day in my lingerie and be the queen of the palace I guess its OK that I
I was having such a miserable day Whats a girl to do when her man cant provide for her financially and sexually I decided to have a little one on one with my very attractive boss Maybe he would understand my troubles I mean I do
I am queen of the jungle hear me roar! Or I could just show you my panther pussy either way youve got me all excited I try so hard not to touch myself but whats a girl to do My titties are purring with anticipation Ill get them
Kelly and the crew took a drive out to the desert to do some glamour shots With no one in sight for miles it was hard for Kelly to keep her clothes on The sun felt so great on her naked skin and since no one was around she knew she could get away
It was so hot outside that the only thing Kelly wanted to wear was her barely there bathing suit The less the clothing the better I always say Picture after picture Kelly teased the camera barely showing anything at all She was waiting for the
Fun in the sun Ryan and I went back down to Cabo San Lucas Mexico and had a great time The view from our penthouse room was like something out of a movie The water was so blue We couldnt even capture on camera how lovely it truly was I was
Ryan put Kelly to work when he found her lounging around reading a magazine Her task was to fix him some coffee easy enough right Kelly searched and searched for the coffee She sat with legs wide open on her quest for coffee grounds Good thing no
I love America! I love celebrating the 4th of July Its summer its hot its sexy and Im free to get naked on the Internet for you What could be better Im a Patriotic Pussy with a desire to stick a hot firework up my
I called my assistant into my office He took a while to come in I began to amuse myself by unbuttoning my jacket and caressing my breasts My plunging neckline revealed my ample and succulent breasts I began to touch them My nipples got very
I am just being silly here in my hotel room I love to dress up for you and then take it all off I turned myself into a nice table top fixture I think every hotel room should have one! Please place your orders here They come as you see pictured here
Yes I got a little crazy and kinky and got out the wild hosiery I know you men love juggs but today the juggs come with a little leg I have always personally thought my legs were my best asset but I have yet to be looked at below the bra line
Give me the stuff that makes me just coo coo coo Thats right I love cum Make no bones about it I love to stroke that cock suck that thick hard thing down my throat until it explodes Yes I love the intensity of a big cock just when
We hit a few buckets of balls together He gave me some great advice I was swinging like a pro once he got done with me! I especially enjoyed it when he stood behind me and put his arms around me I could feel his warm breath on my neck I cocked my
I love to take cock in my mouth in my tight wet pussy I like to share my cock with other tight wet pussies and just recently Ive even taken it in the ass! Like I said 2003 has been a pivotal year for me I cant wait for whats to
Oh you poor baby Youve been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now! What can I do for you Let Nurse Feelrealgood do just exactly that I want to make happy and healthy especially that big appendage youve got under the sheet Let me check
My hot little 18 year old friend Eve went with me to LA the other weekend I got us a room with two double beds but we ended up sleeping together in the same bed all weekend! Well I dont know if you would call it sleeping He cuddled and kissed
Who doesnt want to play in the pool with Mercedez My god look at her! She is so damn sexy and so fun to be with We had a hard time trying to look serious for the camera because we kept giggling like little girls We were cracking each other up
I had a cock attack its sort of like a heart attack but not quite A cock attack happens when you least expect it It creeps up on you and then  BAM! Theres a big giant cock staring you right in the face There isnt anything you can
I still cant beleive how beautiful it was in Maui Our room was right on the water Our balcony overlooked the beach so I was delightfully awkened each morning to the crashing of the waves I could smell the tropical breezes as I lifted my head
I cant help but touch myself when Im wearing lace it really turns me on! I decided to tease the camera and take my clothes off a little bit slower then usual everyone knows how much I love to be naked but this time I held back and
I always have the hardest time finding a sexy bra that will fit my huge tits I was so grateful when everyone decided to help me out! I tried on so many bras that every time the soft fabrics rubbed against my perky nipple I had to let out a slight
Everyone must know how much I enjoy dressing up This photo set was no exception It was easy to dress accordingly to this amazing house its hard not to get lost in the ancient oriental theme and the never ending view I enjoyed it so much that
Mmmmdo you want me to grab my huge melons for you How about if you just pretend that Im wrapping my tits around your huge cock Please think dirty thoughts about me I cant help being so nasty Whats that you say You want to see
I would love for you to cum and visit my pussy palace I promise to give you the best service youve ever seen First Ill start off by caressing my huge natural tits The thought of your dick makes my nipples go completely erect what do
Ryan the Leprechaun was strolling through the hills of Ireland on a mission he had lost his gold He looked under every rock and in between every bush and still no gold Over yonder he noticed a fair maiden with her perfect little tush high up in the
Kelly was tired of staying inside for all of her photo shoots she was ready for an adventure She packed every one up and headed out to the dessert Her all natural tits and tiny body were a sight for the wild cactus and rodents running about
Mrs Madison was waiting anxiously for her favorite mail boy to drop off her special package She sat stroking her pussy waiting for the first glance of her 200 drop off He came in right on time and with no hesitation he commented on her
Who says the grass is always greener on the other side Id say Kellys ass is better than any grass Ive ever seen Kelly is very promiscuous she loves the thrill of getting naked out in the open for any and all to see On this
The Beef is right here in my mouth! Yep these hot photos are from the boys at Scorelandcom You cant miss it You must check out their site and see how far I stick that big dildo in my pussy! The photos are sexy and that dildo is huge
These are my new Christmas panties Arent they pretty and lacy Dont you want to pull them off of me and eat my pink little pussy Oh I wish you could I was thinking about you as I rolled around on my bed I touched my large breasts
Mr Jacobs hired me to come in and build custom shelves and cupboards in his garage for his wife as an anniversary surprise I built beautiful white shelves and cupboards above her washing machine and along each side of the garage Mr Jacobs was very
Get the motor running head out on the highway looking for adventure or whatever cock comes my way Born to be Wild! Yes I got me a new Chopper Its 1853 ccs and it goes like fuck I love it So you need to be prepared for lots of
I love that little spoo monkey of mine I love to spank him with my tongue I suck him until I cant wait any longer I then shove that spoo making machine deep inside my juicy wet cunt Its then my turn to spoo all over his cock My thick
I have been hearing about this forever from all my loving fans and now I finally am ready to give you what you have been so diligently asking for Since youve been a good little boy this year and Santa Madison wants to fulfill all your ANAL
Yeehaw! Hop on those here bail of hay and stick that big ol fatty cock in between these here titties You heard me fuck those jolly fun bags Get your cock in my mouth and slap me around with it like a heffer in heat Ride me cowboy
I am going to give you a nice cool and relaxing sponge bath with my tongue! First let me lift up your hospital gown and check you out I will put my gloves on and gently stroke your cock Next I will bend down and lick it ever so gently I will slap
Its lunch time and I am sooo hungry I feel like eating a hot dog Yeah a nice hot long piece of meat will satisfy my hunger Only problem is where do I get one I dont feel like going to the store Im too hungry
Here I am naked and wet Thats a usual scenario for me but this time Im wet because Im in the pool It was such a hot day that the thought of putting on a bathing suit was just too much for me I just wanted to dive in naked and swim
Oh how much I love being outside! I couldnt resist stripping down for the nieghboring peeping toms I think that Im naked more than I am clothed I wonder who saw me getting in the nude out here on the balcony I hope they didnt
Just a normal day out in the barrio with Ed Fox! Check out what happens when Ed Fox and I got out on the town and i get naked as a jailbird on the streets of LA And we arent talking Hollywood here this was straight barrio and straight ass fun!
You know what they say about sexy biker chicks who ride motorcyclesthey cant live without something hard between their legs Nothing turns me on more then a loud engine shiny metal and a big cock
Who can say no to a hot biker babe in a sexy spandex suit I couldnt and definitely didnt Brittany was such a treat I couldnt resist touching her perky tits They looked so good and tasted even better The more that I stripped
I always enjoy a great bubble bath but Ill choose cock over bubbles any day I started playing with myself Caressing my huge tits not without forgetting to pay attention to my eager clit My nipples were so sensitive that I was dying for the
The sun was so hot and inviting that I couldnt resist taking my clothes off My tits were so warm and supple they were screaming to be fondled My pussy was tingling out of control I just had to touch my self I suddenly remembered where I was
It was a beautiful day in heaven but by no surprise the devil down below made it a living hell I banished him to hell so many billions of years ago for one reason he wouldnt eat my pussy God needs a little oral action just like the rest of
Kelly Ryan and Gucci were on a mission out in the middle of nowhere Their goalshoot as many pictures as possible and as fast as you can you never know whats lurkin in these here parts They finally reached their destination although
Gucci was in town and Kelly decided to take advantage of his great photography Feelingnbspquite sophisticated and extremely horny Kelly dressed up in hernbspsequin studded pants and an all revealing top Slowly she teased the camera by showing a
Kelly had a long day at work and all she wanted was a little cat nap No matter where she goes she just cant seem to get away from those cameras Ryan thought it would be a nice treat for the members to try to sneakapeakaKelly Well they got
Is this a great staircase or what Devon Michaels had her photographer Marcus at the house in Bel Air He was photographing me ascending this gorgeous staircase I borrowed this interesting looking garter from Lana Lotts and began posing for Marcus
Ding dong The doorbell rings KellyWho is it Mailman Its the mailman Kelly Oh come on in Im just in the kitchen cooking Ive got packages that are going out today Do you have any for me Mailman Hmm it just looks like
This gallery is different from 1 Its from the same update but we changed the template and used different photosmovie clips
Here I am just hanging out in Santa Monica California My hotel suite is right across from the beach I would go outside to sun bathe but my bikini top is a bit small I really dont want to cause an auto accident on Pacific Coast Highway
I was totally lost in my fantasy I imagined myself groping her breasts I could smell Kims beautiful scent and I wanted to taste it In my fantasy I leaned her over her desk and unzipped her skirt I got to see the top of her lacy thong
Oh Brooke What can I say I just adore natural breasts She is tall thin and has a lovely rack When she walked through the door I just knew we were going to have a great time together Shes young but oh so experienced on how to please another
This is the room where I watched Ryan fuck one of my good friends He working her pussy really good I think he gave her about 3 orgasms This outfit must of done the trick because his cock was rock hard all night
Lets see I cleaned the house took the dog for a walk washed the car watered the plants made dinner and got all ready for when my husband got back home He was pleasantly surprised when he walked through the front door I had him follow me up
I was flying back from Europe on British Airways and I met the most adorable flight attendant She was tall and thin and blonde and so full of life She smiled nearly the entire flight I couldnt stop staring at her as she walked up and down the
Oh look delivery! I just got a big fat hot dog personally delivered Wow this is a big one This is bigger than one of those Dodger Dogs I dont know if I can eat the whole thing Let me try Lets see how much of it I can fit in my mouth
Whats the best tool to use in a garden A ho of course! Thats me your very own garden ho I clean up in the garden and then I work on you I trim your bush and make you all pretty just like these roses I make you smell pretty too and
Real women real breasts real nasty! Me and Avy love to flaunt our natural goodies and were bewildered by each others breasts I loved it when she lay down on her back and I got to jiggle them and make them move Ive never been with
Im just about to do my weekly livecam show I love to get dressed up differently each week It all depends on my mood Since it is fall and back to school time of the year I put on my tight sweater and jean miniskirt If I was still
Butterfly oh butterfly how do you spread your wings so far Easily I just reach down with my fingertips and pull my labia lips apart and fly! I have really long pussy lips and I have had people refer to them as butterfly wings I like that term
I promised you I would shoot with the famous fabulous and fantastic Jelena Jensen! I was thrilled when she called me back and agreed to shoot with me I was able to borrow a friends gorgeous house to shoot with her in because Jelena deserved
I would like to get laid next to this brick wall Does that make me a brick layer I would like to get laid by you I want my ass pressed up against the rough wall and my pussy licked and sucked Here let me spread my legs even farther apart Now that
The art of the strip is quite difficult you must do everything just right You cant show too much or too little you wouldnt want your audience to blow their load too soon would you Anything premature can never be good Slowly take off
His devilish dick tasted so yummy I worked that cock so well that my titties popped right out of my heavenly top I had to make sure that I got that hot arrow nice and wet for my eager little pussy When he poked me with his dagger I was in heaven
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